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Why do we collect your data and how do we process it ?

Personal data collected in the way described above, are processed for the following purposes:

a) For identifying you and communicating with you in line with our obligations to you in connection with any of our products which you already have or for which you have applied

b) In the event that you have applied for a financial leasing, commercial rental, concession for use of property or other financing product, in the context of our business, for:

  1. assessing the credit risk that Alpha Leasing is either expected to undertake or has already undertaken
  2. monitoring the implementation of the relevant contract and payments
  3. preventing or limiting the likelihood of default
  4. seeking collection of any debts
  5. managing claims arising from sponsorship agreements

c) For drawing up and executing contracts with you and, in general, for ensuring their smooth operation and the fulfillment of our obligations to you

d) For properly assessing your requests to Alpha Leasing (such as, for example, for the settlement of debts)

e) For preventing and suppressing money laundering and terrorist financing and preventing fraud against Alpha Leasing or its Customers, as well as any other unlawful act

f) For ensuring our compliance with the obligations imposed by the applicable legal and regulatory framework and the supervisory requirements, as well as with the decisions of the courts or other authorities

g) For defending the rights and the legitimate interests of Alpha Leasing and for protecting the members of the public entering into transactions with it, by –among others– ensuring the implementation of security procedures, preventing crime, identifying and gathering evidence of offending behavior (incidents of fraud etc.)

h) For providing you with information about how to make the best use of our products or services and about their capabilities and features, as well as for understanding the level of your satisfaction with our services and with the customer service provided to you. In addition, for understanding your wishes and needs related to serving legitimate interests of Alpha Leasing

i) For performing the necessary audits in order to allow suppliers / buyers to issue pro forma invoices / final invoices on behalf of Alpha Leasing and to pay the relevant amounts in accordance with the terms of such pro forma invoices / final invoices.