Forms of Leasing

Vendor Leasing

Vendor Leasing
Our Company may cooperate with suppliers (vendors) of fixed equipment, such as medical devices, trucks, machinery, passenger vehicles, etc, for promoting Leasing to customers (lessees), and increasing the activities of all three parties.

Essentially, the supplier directs the prospective lessee to the Leasing company, which evaluates and approves as appropriate.

Addressed to all self-employed professionals and companies of any nature,size and legal form.

Cooperation programmes:
  • A simple recommendation from a supplier
      The Programme aims to increase the supplier’s sales.The customer needs to call into an Alpha Bank branch, for approval of the said application.
    1. Supplier guarantee
        The Programme aims to promote the supplier’s sales through Leasing at competitive pricing terms.The supplier guarantees the customers’ Leasing Contract of its choice and the acceptance of Alpha Leasing.
      1. Sub Leasing
          In this Programme, via the Sale & Lease Back Contract, the supplier is the lessee of the Leasing and the customer is the sub lessee, with pricing terms that the supplier considers competitive.

        Conditions of cooperation:
        • Long-standing business presence
        • Expertise
        • Quality Clientèle
        • Cooperation with the Alpha Bank Group.
        • Attract Clientèle
        • Preparation of leasing documentation in collaboration with the prospective lessee
        • Submission of application in accordance with the Application Submission Procedure
        • Assessment of application
        • Approval Letter to Customer
        • Signing of the General Terms of the Contract
        • Cooperation framework agreement (pricing, criteria, procedure)
        • Supplier is settled in cash.
        • Full payment in cash
        • Strengthening liquidity
        • Direct customer service and financing
        • Competitive pricing
        • Full range of services and products for suppliers and their customers via the Alpha Bank Group.

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