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Leasing Process


How does it work?
The company or self-employed professional (lessee):
  1. Initially selects the supplier, defines the technical characteristics of the equipment or property that will meet his professional needs and finally, negotiates the purchase price and payment terms.
  2. He addresses the competent Alpha Bank Officer, with whom he cooperates and submits an application together with all supporting documents specified in the said application.
  3. The Bank, in collaboration with Alpha Leasing, evaluate the application and decide on the cooperation terms.
  4. In the case of used equipment or the purchase of property, its valuation is mandatory by Alpha Astika Akinita S.A., an Alpha Bank Group Company.
  5. If approved, Alpha Leasing finances the purchase of the fixed asset by the supplier, on behalf of the business.
  6. A Leasing Contract is signed.
  7. In the case of property, a sale/purchase contract is signed between the vendor and Alpha Leasing and then a Leasing Contract is signed with the Customer, for a duration (lease period) of at least ten (10) years.
  8. Upon expiry of the lease term, Alpha Leasing transfers the fixed asset to the Customer.