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What kind of data do we collect?

What kind of data do we collect?

1.Regarding all our Customers:

  • Personal and demographic information about you, such as name and surname, father’s name, gender, ID number, Tax Identification Number (TIN), date and place of birth, nationality.
  • Contact details such as postal address, e-mail, fixed and mobile phone.

2. Additionally, depending on the type of the products and services offered or supplied, we may collect the following data, as applicable in each case:

  • Details of your financial, property and family status, such as occupation, earnings, tax statement clearance or other tax-related or income-related details, (e.g. tax forms E1 and E9), dependent members
  • Data arising from any failure on your part to meet your financial obligations, such as bad cheques, outstanding debts on loans and credit cards, orders for payment procedure, foreclosures and enforcement orders, petitions and decisions for resolution and bankruptcy
  • Data regarding your creditworthiness, such as debts on loans and credit cards
  • Credit profiling and credit scoring data
  • Data regarding your transaction behavior (marketing profiling data)
  • Data arising from the contract/s that you have signed with us, as well as the use of Alpha Leasing products you have been afforded
  • Data about your knowledge and experience in the field of investment or insurance, your financial situation, your level of risk tolerance and your investment goals
  • Identity details and marketing profiling data from devices or applications that you use, such as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses or location identifiers and internet browsing data (cookies), which alone or in combination with unique identifiers may be used for Customer identification and the creation of a Customer profile
  • In exceptional cases, health data about you 
  • Details of your telephone conversations with our Call Centre, which are recorded in accordance with the requirements of the legal framework.