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Introduction to Leasing

Introduction to Leasing

In the Greek language, the term that has prevailed for Leasing is "Financial Leasing". It was introduced to Greece with the enactment of Law Ν.1665/86., as amended and currently in effect.

It is a modern way of financing fixed assets / property, and it is alternative and complementary to traditional lending, which combines the features of bank lending with those of capital goods leasing, via leasing for a specific period, with an agreed lease amount and the predetermined redemption price upon expiry of the lease.

The Leasing company retains ownership of the fixed asset throughout the term of the lease,granting the use and possession of equipment / property.

The minimum Leasing duration is set by law at three years for mobile equipment, at ten years for property and at five years for airplanes. The maximum duration is jointly determined with the customer, depending on the technological devaluation and lifetime of the fixed asset.