• Financing tool for the acquisition of fixed assets
    1. The lessee can achieve better equipment supply terms or acquire commercial property, since their value is immediately paid in cash.
    2. After the expiry of the lease period, the lessee acquires ownership of the fixed asset,at the pre-agreed symbolic amount.
    3. In the case of property, the acquisition is exempt from transfer tax at expiry.
  • Maintenance of Liquidity
    1. With the Leasing financing tool, the lessee avoids tying up funds for the purchase of fixed assets and maintains liquidity, which is also the key for further development of its activities.
  • Gradual disbursement of VAT
    1. The proportional VAT is not to be immediately paid by the Customer, as in the case of an investment through a bank loan or self-funding, but gradually, throughout the duration of the contract, with the lease payments.In the case of property Leasing, the lease, other than industrial plants, is exempt from VAT.
  • Exemption from the respective contribution under Law 128/75
    1. Financing by Leasing is exempt from each contribution under Law 128/75 that is imposed on financing.
  • Cost scheduling
    1. The duration of the lease and the amount of the lease is adjusted according to the business’ cash flows (seasonality).
    2. Repayment flexibility is offered based on the Customer’s cash needs with structured leases (front-loading or back-loaded).
  • Link with investment programmes (Development Laws)
    1. The realization of new equipment investments, through Leasing, can be combined with the benefits from their inclusion in the Development Law, provided the prerequisites set out by the latter apply.
  • Property Sale & Lease Back
    • What does Sale & Lease Back offer the business?
      Sale & Lease Back enables the firm to take advantage of the capital that remains tied up in fixed assets.Essentially, it is a refinancing tool for fixed assets that the business owns.
      1.  What are the advantages of Sale & Lease Back?
        • The use of long-term capital
        • Improvement in working capital
        • Restructuring existing debt or release of funds for investment purposes
        • Enables idle assets
        • Accounts for latent capital gains at a low cost (exemption of transfer tax)
        • Flexible repayment based on the customer’s cash flow abilities.
  • Taxes on property Sale & Lease Back  
    1. The company that transfers property to a Leasing company, is exempt from transfer tax at the conclusion of Sale & Lease Back contract.
  • Tool for purchasing commercial space 
    1. Ability to acquire freehold commercial space or convert leased to owned property through Property Direct Leasing.