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Leasing Application

Submission Procedure

Submission Procedure
Investor Information
  1. By browsing our website
  2. By contacting our competent Officers       
  3. By filling in our Contact Form            
  4. By visiting the nearest Alpha Bank branch or, in the case of cooperation, by visiting the competent Business Centre or Corporate Banking Division.

File Preparation

After researching the market and making the final equipment / property and the supplier selection, the relevant Leasing Applications is completed and all necessary supporting documents are gathered.  
Submission of Application

Visit the nearest Alpha Bank branch or, in the case of cooperation, the competent Business Centre or Corporate Banking Division, where your file will be submitted. 

The Bank’s competent approval authorities, in collaboration with Alpha Leasing, assess the application and decide on the cooperation terms.

The materialisation procedure of the relevant approval by our Company follows.

Alpha Leasing does not directly receive applications thus bypassing the above procedure. However, it can help you address the appropriate Unit of the Alpha Bank Group.

Application Assessment Criteria

The long standing and rewarding cooperation with the Alpha Bank Group, the Customer’s financial position / status, the type of equipment, the duration of the lease, the lease participation as well as the collaterals, are the elements that instrumentally contribute in the assessment of an application and define the cooperation terms.