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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who buys the equipment?

  • What is the duration of the Leasing contract ?

  • What is the cost of a Leasing contract ?

  • When are the lease payments made ?

  • Is the customer’s participation required ?

  • Legal order and use of property

  • Is conveyance / transfer tax paid in property Leasing ?

  • What is Sale & Lease Back ?

  • What percentage of the property’s value is financed through Leasing ?

  • Is tax paid during the conclusion of the Property Sale & Lease Back contract ?

  • What value is covered by the equipment Sale & Lease Back ?

  • Who is excluded from the property Sale & Lease Back ?

  • Who does the property Sale & Lease Back address ?

  • VAT and property Leasing

  • What kind of properties are subject to Leasing ?

  • Is Leasing allowed on land plots ?

  • Who owns the fixed asset during the contract ?

  • When does the fixed asset return to the ownership of the business?

  • Is it possible to acquire the equipment prior to the scheduled duration?

  • Is it possible to acquire the property prior to the scheduled duration ?

  • What is the cost for ending a property Leasing contract?

  • What about insurance and maintenance of the fixed asset?

  • Can fixed assets be added to an existing contract?

  • Can a Sale & Lease Back contract be concluded for fixed assets?

  • Is VAT financed?

  • Is Leasing financed through the Development Law or the Investment Programmes?

  • Where can I obtain information?