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Leasing Glossary

- A -

  • Annex

    Constitutes part of the Contract signed by all involved parties and describes the individual terms in detail (e.g. lease amount, interest calculation, duration, etc.).

  • Cost of Acquisition

    The agreed selling price of the fixed asset upon expiry of Contract.

  • Administrative Expenses or Application fees

    The once-off administrative fee paid by the lessee upon signing the Leasing Contract and concerns the valuation and application procedure.

- B -

  • Base rate

    Alpha Bank’s base lending rate.

- C -

  • Commercial or Industrial Property

    Any property, based on its building permit and the urban planning laws can be used for professional and business activity (e.g. factories, warehouses, offices, shops, clinics, hotels, parking, etc.).

- D -

  • Duration of Lease

    The agreed duration of the Leasing Contract.

  • Disbursement

    Payment of the fixed asset purchase price to the supplier/vendor by the Leasing Company.

  • Default Rate

    Is the statutory rate for arrears as defined in the Contract.

- E -

  • Euribor

    Is the base rate, in Euro, with which banks lend to one another, within the European Interbank Market.

- G -

  • Guarantor

    The natural person or legal entity, which fully guarantees the obligations assumed by the lessee that are derived from the Leasing Contract.