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Forms of Leasing

Passenger Vehicles

Passenger Vehicles

The Leasing of private-use passenger vehicles addresses all self-employed professionals and businesses of every nature, size and legal form that wish to equip,renew,supplement or expand their commercial fleet. 

Contract duration is 3-5 years.


Not financed:
  • Used cars

Upon expiry or prepayment, the fixed asset is transferred to the lessee, for a pre-agreed price, which is usually symbolic.
The Leasing Company does not assume maintenance, spare parts, replacement costs in case of theft or loss, taxes and registration fees.


  • Submission of application in accordance with the Application Submission Procedure
  • Assessment of application
  • Approval Letter to the customer and an order confirmation to the supplier
  • Signing of the General Terms of the Contract
  • Invoicing by the supplier
  • Signing of Annex
  • Supplier is settled in cash.


  • Negotiation with supplier, at a cash price
  • High rate of financing
  • VAT Financing
  • Gradual repayment of VAT through the lease payments
  • Release of funds for investment purposes
  • Repayment flexibility based on the Customer’s cash needs
  • Renewal or expansion of commercial fleet.

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