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Forms of Leasing

Equipment via Development Law or Investment Programmes

Equipment via Development Law or Investment Programmes
Addressed to newly-incorporated companies of self-employed professionals of any nature, size and legal form that wish to materialize investments for new equipment via Leasing while taking advantage of the benefits arising from their inclusion in the Development Law, provided the prerequisites set out by the latter apply.


  • Submission of application in accordance with the Application Submission Procedure
  • Control the budget (when required)
  • Assessment of application
  • Issue of letter for inclusion in the Development Law investment
  • Inclusion approval (by competent body)
  • Signing of the General Terms of the Contract
  • Invoicing by the Supplier
  • Final Technical Certification
  • Signing of Annex
  • Supplier is settled in cash.


It offers all the Leasing Benefits plus:
  • No need for bank loans
  • High financing rate of the equipment value, in the case of investments through the Development Law
  • Reimbursement of the subsidy in installments (usually annually) by the competent organisation, with the lease payments and by the issuance of relevant certifications by the Leasing company.

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