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Forms of Leasing

Medical Devices or Pharmacy Equipment

Medical Devices or Pharmacy Equipment
The Leasing of medical devices and pharmacy equipment is addressed to physicians of all specialties, dentists, medical diagnostic centresor clinics,pharmacists who wish to equip, modernise or supplement their medical – technological equipment.

It concerns 3-year contracts, at least, with the maximum being jointly determined with the Customer.


Not financed:
  • Consumables
  • Works and Maintenance
  • Services
  • Operating Permits and Software
  • Fixed assets.
Upon expiry or prepayment, the equipment is transferred to the lessee, for a pre-agreed price, which is usually symbolic.

The Leasing Company does not assume maintenance or replacement costs, in the event of theft or loss.


  • Submission of application in accordance with the Application Submission Procedure
  • Assessment of application
  • Approval Letter to the customer and an order confirmation to the supplier
  • Signing of the General Terms of the Contract
  • Invoicing by the Supplier
  • Signing of Annex
  • Supplier is settled in cash.


  • Cooperation with the largest manufacturing firms
  • Negotiation with supplier, at a cash price
  • High rate of financing
  • VAT Financing
  • Gradual repayment of VAT through the lease payments
  • Release of funds for investment purposes
  • Repayment flexibility based on the Customer’s cash needs

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