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Leasing Glossary

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  • Leasing or Financial Leasing

    It is a financial tool designed for businesses and self-employed professionals for the acquisition and use of fixed assets (equipment, real estate, transport) for production or investment purposes.

  • Lessor

    The Leasing Company, which grants the use, but retains the ownership of the Leasing object until the expiry of agreed duration under specific terms.

  • Lessee

    The Customer or counter contracting party that assumes the use of the equipment / property for an agreed lease amount.

  • Leasehold

    The Leasing object (property, equipment or means of transport).

  • Lease amount

    The amount prescribed by the contract (usually monthly) for use of the fixed asset.

  • Lease Commencement

    The signing date of the annex (with simultaneous delivery of the fixed asset).

  • Lease Expiration

    The end of agreed leasing period (with the simultaneous transfer of the fixed asset to the lessee).